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Welcome to Practiced To Pro Dance. I set up this website as I wanted to have a platform to share my thoughts and what I’m learning as I continue through my journey of dancing professionally. Every journey is unique and dealing with some health issues made me take pause and consider how I could train smarter rather than harder. Now I would like to share what I’ve learnt about having a ‘yes’ mindset, looking after your instrument (that’s you!) and the best ways to use challenges as a springboard for success that ultimately gets us to where we want to be- earning a living doing what we love.


Kudos if you can tell what musical that line is from! Growing up, I was never a ‘favourite’ at my dance school- I was classed as too tall to be in Panto and generally not with much opportunity to move through grades quickly. It was very frustrating! However, as a teenager I had an amazing ballet teacher who believed in me and gave me the opportunity to sink my teeth into dancing and just like that I fell in love with it. It was a done deal.

I’m incredibly grateful to that teacher as I know I wouldn’t dance the way I do now if I hadn’t had that. Throughout your dancing life there will be those that shape you, and I was incredibly lucky to experience that again later at dance college, to have amazing teachers who challenged me and encouraged me to grow as well as a principal who would let you run with your goals and where the only limits were those we impose upon ourselves.



Looking back, I wish I’d changed dancing school earlier when I was growing up, however it taught me a very valuable lesson- be wise about the pond you put yourself in, and don’t stay somewhere that doesn’t let you excel. The aim is to figure out the lessons from things that have not gone the way you hoped so you can use it to propel you forward- let’s make hindsight your superpower. Personally I try not to regret things on my journey but there definitely are things I wish i’d known which would have propelled me forward faster! So my aim is to share these here. If it helps people get more connected and achieve less struggle or setbacks and more ease and flow, then so much the better! As performers, it’s easy to let what we’re capable of be decided by other people, every time we get a yes or no to that job or training. However, it is therefore even more important to turn inward and be responsible for our thoughts and beliefs if we’re ever to be truly powerful and reach our full potential. The only person who should be able to decide your limits is you.

The dance world in some ways today is at its most liberal- we have tall prima ballerinas (like Darcey Bussell,) we can dance professionally for longer like Strictly’s Anto Du Beke, and there’s so much variety in the work- from being in shows to dance troupes to solo acts and cabarets, teaching, running off with the circus, the possibilities are endless. However, it is also arguably at its most competitive. So the question is:

How do we thrive in a world of competition where everybody’s wanting work?


At Practiced To Pro Dance the focus is on helping dancers bring potential to fruition with tips, tricks, advice and mindset resilience. For dancers time is of the essence so the aim is to train smarter from a place of ease and flow in order to create the best chances of success. In an industry that can at times feel like a cattle market (love those auditions :P) the priority is on finding your forte and utilising that which makes you unique whilst being resourceful in implementing it.

The joy and freedom of dancing is open for everyone so I also welcome beginners and everything in between. This is very much about getting dancing into your life in a way that maximises contentment to the level you find personally fulfilling. My aim is for this to be a safe space and if you have any tips, tricks or questions you want to contribute, I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below.


In the mean time, keep dancing!

Nat x

Founder of Practised To Pro Dance

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