Astoria Activewear Review- Astoria Seamless Sculpt Sports Crop In Ruby


Product: Astoria Seamless Sculpt Sports Bra (Ruby.)

Price: 57.99 USD

Coupon code for 15% off: NATALIEMARIE+15

Rating: 10/10 (based on fit, comfort, support, design and durability- I couldn’t fault in any way, so hooray!)

So Astoria Activewear have been on my radar for a while, but last week I decided to finally take the plunge and I’m SO glad I did. Astoria is a lifestyle brand with the focus on fit for activewear, and their designs are just gorgeous so needless to say, like a magpie with shiny new things- I had to try them out.

I opted for the Astoria Seamless Sculpt Sports Crop In Ruby, as I really like the shape and detail, and the idea of a slightly longer crop for a change so this is the item I will be reviewing in this post.

First Impressions Of Astoria Activewear.

With trying a new brand you never know quite what to expect, but I was instantly impressed- even the packaging is
astoria-activewear-packagingbeautiful! I think you can tell a lot about a brand from this, as it shows that extra element of love and care. This review may well come across a little biased, but what can I say- they won me over! As soon as my new sports bra arrived, it was love at first wear: it fit like a glove, it’s breathable and with a great cross over design that will get you noticed. It’s also comfortable enough that you can wear it all day; and given that we dancers tend to live in our sports wear, that’s pretty much a given need! It also has a certain versatility which I like in terms of wardrobe; you could quite happily wear any of their products for class, or if you want something eye-catching in an audition.

Their Tour De Force- What Makes Them Different?

There is one key benefit that I haven’t yet mentioned. What really impressed me the most was the sheer beauty and ingenuity of the designs for HIGH IMPACT. As a dancer who’s a 32DD, there is only a couple of brands I trust to give me the support I want AND the style (here’s looking at you Nike and Lululemon.) The Astoria Activewear designs are beyond gorgeous and quite frankly unlike anything I’ve seen. Having had a bit of an obsession with collecting pretty sports bras (everyone has their thing, right?) and falling in love with the designs only to see those dreaded two little words in the small print: LOW IMPACT- with Astoria I know I don’t have to choose between style and support. I really CAN have my cake and eat it. And it’s nice to be able to wave that disappointment goodbye, hey I can even JUMP for joy in my high impact sport style bra! Take that yoga bras.

What Are The Options?

Astoria Activeweastoria-activewear-for-dancersar have 2 separate lines from which to choose:

Seamless- for detail, breathability and unrestrained movement, or

Luxe- for durability and second skin fit.

The Astoria Seamless sculpt sports bra in ruby is the former, but honestly I think there is probably a lot of similarities between the two.

Both have leggings, sports bra and crop top options so rest assured you’ll be spoilt for choice. Some of their sports bras even have cute inspirational messages.

On the note of fabric, I have to say this is another of my favourite things about the brand. I would describe the material as buttery soft, it has an almost silky quality to it so it feels amazing against your skin. It also has a really flattering shape. My particular sports bra came with padding (as do quite a few of the Astoria designs) but with slits so there’s the option to remove them as is your preference. Personally, I normally do but with this particular design it creates a really nice shape so it gets to stay!

What Size Do I Get?

Personally for me I ordered a small. I’m a size 8-10 normally. It’s always a little tricky with a new brand- there’s the question of: do I need to size up or down? But I can happily report that for me it fitted true to size, so you should be able to order with confidence. They also have a helpful size chart on their website so you have that reassurance before ordering. I always advise reading a few reviews on the site before deciding what size to purchase, as sometime reviewers give some really helpful tips as to knowing what size to go for.

Final Thoughts…

I can say quite honestly that the only real problem you will have is how many designs and colours there are to choose from. Everything from cinnamon to peach to mint to ocean blue. As my reigning title- queen of indecision- it took me a good half hour to make a choice as I just wanted them all. At 57.99 USD, it may be just over what you would pay for any decent sports bra but I strongly feel with activewear in general and Astoria in particular that you get what you pay for. And let’s be honest, if were going to invest in and treat ourselves, it needs to be worthwhile! And the quality and durability of these products for me does this. You can really tell how much thought has gone into them, and I’ve already had a ton of compliments about this sports bra. If you really want to shop Astoria Activewear but aren’t completely sold on the price (see what I did there) then as a little thank you for taking time to read my review, if you shop via my code you get 15% off! (NATALIEMARIE+15)

This brand would make the perfect gift for yourself or the dancer in your life- so whether it’s you or a friend, with Astoria they’ve got you covered. Happy shopping and feel free to drop your experience in the comments below 🙂

I decided to try out my new sports bra while filming the other day, so feel free to check it out in the video below!

Song: Sucker For You- Jonas Brothers

Choreography: Mandy Jiroux (check out her great YouTube tutorial!)


  • Aparna Bansal

    Hi Nat,

    You are sooooooooo pretty, omg!
    This is a beautiful article on the gear for dancing. I truly believe that what we wear says a huge lot about us and Astoria Activewear seems a great choice. Thank u for this review.


    • Natalie

      Hi Aparna, yes that’s it- what we wear is a way of expressing our personality! It’s nice when we are able to find a brand we feel really excited about. Glad you enjoyed this review 😀

  • Janet

    Hi Natalie. Thank you sharing your informative review. I can really feel that you really love your new sport bra!

    I’m a yoga trainer and I’m particular about sport bra too. I have tried many and most of them make me feel uncomfortable and warm after wear for hours. The very first thing I got home is to quickly remove it so I can feel cool, relax and breath.

    I keep wearing the same old piece of sport bra which I’m comfortable with while the rest wear once or twice only and never wear again. Not easy to find one that is comfortable.

    Since you highly recommend Astoria activewear, I will give it a try. Thank you for your info 🙂

    • Natalie

      Hi Janet, I totally relate to what you’re saying. I definitely have my go to’s. What we want is one we can forget that we are wearing because it really is that comfortable, especially as like you say it’s our job! That’s long hours for us! Glad you enjoyed this review and that I was able to bring Astoria Activewear onto your radar 😀.

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