Best Dance Workouts- Fun, Free And From The Comfort Of Home

Hey there! Today’s post is quick and to the point, so that you can get to doing more of what this’ll is all about- dancing! I don’t know about you, but with exercise if it’s not dancing I won’t do it! Me and the gym? Not friends. So how do you stay motivated when you can’t get to class? Well luckily we have the wonderful world of YouTube! Of course, you can get into a routine at home and do the same thing every day, but after a while it just gets… stale. And having someone talk you through it, is just more fun than doing it on your own.

So here below I have listed some of the best dance workouts you can do from home. These are my favourites and because 13 is my lucky number I have 13 to get you started. Several of these are ballet focused because for me ballet is my bread and butter, it’s what I always go back to to centre myself and get strong and flexible again, it exercises EVERYTHING! Some of these are class focused and you’ll need a certain amount of training and knowledge to follow, but I’ve also included quite a few that you can just follow along whatever you’re level, so hopefully whatever you need, you’ll find some gems in here. I’ve also included a variety of dance styles, some are more serious and some are just fun!

1. Intermediate/Advanced Ballet Barre with Kathryn Morgan

This is much the same as when you go and do an open class. But from the comfort of your living room. It’s also a good brain workout, just make sure you have a surface roughly barre height that you can use to hold onto. (Kitchen counter surfaces can be good for this.)

2. Sweaty Betty Ballet Bootcamp Workout

That’s right, not only do they do gorgeous clothing, they also do great workouts! This is one of the best dance workouts you can do as it has a strong ballet focus as the title suggests and you’re guaranteed your every muscle will feel it the next day. The good news? You don’t need a barre! Ideal for home practise.

3. Sweaty Betty Ballet Boot Camp enCORE Workout

This is actually my favourite one of the two and these lovely ladies both used this to get back in shape after becoming mums, so if you’re feeling out of practise you can be sure this workout will help get you back in shape.

4. Ballet Bootcamp

Because you can never have too much ballet, here’s another one for ya!

5. Motion Medicine

I love this gal! She has so much amazing video content. Although there isn’t loads on YouTube yet, she posts a ton of workouts on Instagram, so you can also look for extra ones there.

Now these can be a little hardcore, so if you find it too challenging, don’t be afraid to build up gradually. For the longer videos you can also take rest breaks and leave the video running and then join back in when you can. You will definitely feel the burn from these and there’s lots of different ones to choose from so start small and work you’re way up.

6. 20 Minute Abs Workout With Leilah

This lovely lady has tons of online belly dancing tutorials. Not only does she break down the moves for beginners, but you get a fantastic workout too. She has so many tutorials you can choose from making these some of the best dance workouts you can do from home. Her videos are always inspiring and she brings a lovely enthusiasm which makes her great to learn from. Needless to say as a dancer it’s important to keep learning new skills so this is a great place to start. This type of dance is also particularly good for practising isolations-I like this video below especially as it’s all ab work you can do standing, which means it requires very little space. Perfect for at home use!

7. 30 Minute Dance Vixen Workout

If you’re fancying something a bit commercial, this one’s for you. It won’t be working your brain that much, but it’s a fun dancey workout. And if you’re more advanced you’ll find the challenge in the stamina. Either way there’s something here to suit you.

8. London Contemporary Dance School

If you’re missing class, then look no further. This one requires a bit of patience as it can be a little slow moving but it’s pure contemporary so great to have to get the feeling of doing class without leaving your living room.

9. SDC Technical Warmup

Short but sweet. Let’s face it, there may be days when we can’t give hours, only minutes. Or days where we need to go lighter on the training. If so, then this one’s for you. It’s concentrated, but short. Just enough to feel the burn.

10. Technica De Danza Contemporanea Graham

One of the cornerstones of contemporary: graham technique. If you haven’t had a chance to learn this yet, this is a great place to start.

11. Cunningham Technique Company Class

Another great fundamental technique for contemporary, check this one out.

12. Dance With Julianne Cardio Ballroom

I adore Julianne Hough. She is an amazing dancer, so naturally her workouts are very dancey too. This workout is all about building a phrase- the repetition is a killer but it’s worth it. This is another one to dip in and out of whilst you leave it running. Take your time building up your stamina. It’s created with normal people in mind, not just dancers which makes it one of the best dance workouts you can do from home.

13. Facebook Live Workout With The Rockettes

Last but not least, this workout will get your kicks looking wonderful. This is a good in between workout as there are quite a few gaps where they talk through things, so you can chill in between with this one.

So there you have it. Let me know how you get on with these, and feel free to add other suggestions in the comments!


  • Travis

    Natalie.! How’s it going?
    Great article on how people can exercise by using ballet as a tool. At one point I didn’t’ like to go work out in the gym either but I played college sports so it was inevitable. Anyways I like how you said that you always go back to ballet as a reference point and use your knowledge in order to make your workouts more exciting and fun for you. People who have a hard time being motivated should keep what you said in mind, by finding something that motivates them to want to work out. I do the same thing to become motivated for my workouts, I visualize myself running a touchdown on the field, and it just gets me in the mood to be stronger, faster, and overall a healthier individual. Well great Article Natalie and I hope to get more content from you in the future !! 🙂

    • Natalie

      Hi Travis,

      Yes I think a lot of people struggle with feeling like that about the gym at one point or another. Thank you for your lovely comments. I’m glad you’ve found what works for you. I think you’re right, by tapping into what excites you, we can shift from it being a chore to it becoming a lot more effortless. Visualisation is a great tool, and luckily it’s something that gets easier with practise. Happy training! 🙂

  • EcoCatherine

    I have been looking for a new workout routine. The one I have been using is pretty boring and I used to dance a lot and enjoyed it. I am so pleased that I found this article. Thank you so much for sharing.

    • Natalie

      Glad I could help. When you’re working out a home it’s so easy for things to get stale isn’t it? Glad I was able to help you find some new workouts to mix things up. YouTube is pretty amazing in that way 🙂

  • karli parker

    Hi great article! The gym and I are not best of friends either so this is a great way to get some exercise in. I could really use the classes because I feel like I am a bit uncoordinated, clumsy ..lol. These are great because I can do them in the privacy of my own home! Julianne is an amazing dancer and I feel like ballet might be great for me to regain some flexibility. Awesome site and I look forward to reading more 🙂 Thanks!

    • Natalie

      Hi Karli,

      Dancing is amazing for helping with co-ordination so it sounds like you’re on the right track. And I totally get where you’re coming from, it can be nice when you’re learning to move to have that privacy and not have to worry about feeling self-conscious. My advice would be start with something quite simple, and then build up from there. That way you’ll be training your co-ordination and getting it into your body memory and you’ll start to see the benefits.

      Ballet definitely can help with flexibility, but to be fair even just making sure you stretch after you’ve danced will help your flexibility enormously. Enjoy your new workouts and let me know if you have any questions 🙂

  • Lynn

    This is a very interesting post about exercise. I enjoyed reading it and watching some of the videos. I try and exercise at least 5 days a week and I actually have discovered some dance videos called Body Groove. Have you heard of it? It has a lot of different dance moves in them, but not so much ballet. I have discovered I like working out a lot more with that than a regular exercise video. I’m not one to go to a gym. I just feel like I get as much of a workout with the dance as I do any other workout. It makes for a more fun workout. I will try some of these is your post and see how i like them. Thanks so much!

    • Natalie

      Hi Lynn, so glad you enjoyed it. Yes, I completely understand- the gym is not for everyone. I haven’t heard of body groove, I think it’s great though how more and more dance based forms of exercise are being developed for the masses.

      If you enjoy that, you might also want to keep an eye out for if there’s a Fitsteps class in your area. It was set up by one of the dancers off Strictly Come Dancing, and uses a fusion of simple Latin and ballroom steps 🙂 glad I was able to help you find some fresh new workouts. Keep up the good work 🙂

  • Rachel

    My goodness, Yes!!!! I found you again and i’m glad that you have made this article. I started excising about a week ago. And since I love to dance for workout, It’s so hard to know who does it best. I don’t want to just loose weight but also learn a skill, like ballet. I’m so happy right now to see that you provided all these dance videos and types that I can easily click and learn. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much!

    • Natalie

      Hi Rachel, yay 😁 I love your enthusiasm, so glad I was able to help! I’m the same, I can never just workout, it has to be dancing, I just find it so much more fun!

      I’m so glad you like these videos- if you’re a beginner and looking to learn I’d recommend the vixen workout, the Sweaty Betty ballet ones and Leilah’s belly dance ones (she does for all levels and has tons more on YouTube.) Don’t forget, you don’t have to make your whole way through the video in one session- it takes time to build the fitness and strength so feel free to start with 5 mins and work up gradually. This way your body will adjust and you’ll see more improvement over time without pushing yourself too far too fast 🙂 enjoy your new workouts!

  • Janet

    Hi Natalie! I’m feeling energetic after going through your this articles! So many workout to try on. I love dance workout too as it is so much fun and interesting. Thank you for sharing..:-)

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