Cheap Ballet Shoes- My Faves!

For a dancer, ballet is very much your bread and butter. It will add to pretty much anything you do- with the exception of street and hip hop (unless we’re talking Hiplet, but that’s a different post!) So the first thing you need is a good pair of ballet shoes, and for most of us that needs to be at a reasonable price. Of course there are also times when we want a more specialised pair and for that we spend a little more. But don’t worry, whether you’re feeling thrifty or splashing out, I’ve got you covered. And either way you’re getting all bases covered for the best possible shoe.

So if you’re looking for cheap ballet shoes, that also have the necessary craftsmanship needed for the serious dancer, let me introduce:

The Capezio Canvas Cobra Split Sole Ballet Shoes

First things first, I highly recommend going for canvas over leather. Growing up, I always trained in leather ones. It wasn’t until I got to choose my own shoes as a teenager and got my first canvas pair that I suddenly realised how much harder I’d been making things for myself. Canvas is a lot more obedient, it will shape to your arch of your foot when you point in a way that leather is too clumsy to. This shoe also has plenty more advantages:

  • Being made of canvas as opposed to leather, it co-operates with the floor much more easily. Needless to say that for tendus and glisses this makes a world of difference, (it’s hard enough to keep a tight fifth at all times, so it helps to make things easier on ourselves, right!)
  • They flatter your feet. Providing you get the right size they will accentuate your arch nicely- this is a nice bonus when you’re spending hours in class in front of a mirror. This may be a dancer thing, but if my feet look good while I’m training I feel better about class and my dancing.
  • They wear extremely well. Providing you look after them (a shoe bag may also help with keeping them clean,) they should last you a good long while. This will depend largely on how often you’re doing class so I don’t have a crystal ball, but provided you look after them they should remain hole free happy shoes for a decent amount of time! 
  • Also a nice added bonus, we all know studio floors are renowned for getting dusty- with canvas you can chuck them in the wash!
  • The split sole advantage is another delightful pro to these shoes. Whatever your choice, opting for split sole ballet shoes will make you a force to be reckoned with. Not only does it allow you to only have support where it’s actually needed (the ball and heel of the foot) and create a much lighter better feel for contact with the floor, but also it will show off your natural point!
  • The elastics are already pre-sown so they pretty much arrive good to go. I much prefer the double cross elastics like these have. Not only are they much more secure allowing the shoe to fit more snugly, but also more flattering too.

All of these features can be found in the Capezio Canvas Cobra Split Sole Ballet Shoes retailing at £9.25. And if your worried about compromising on quality by buying cheap ballet shoes, I hope all of the above points have reassured you that you won’t be!

BLOCH Women’s Pro Elastic Ballet Shoes  

For my second alternative, and I confess these are my absolute favourite (if you’re willing to go slightly more expensive) is the BLOCH Women’s Pro Elastic Ballet Shoes. These have all the same features as the Capezio (that’s right ladies, split sole ballet shoes for the win,) the only exception being the drawstring. 

The BLOCH shoe instead has elastic running the outskirts of the shoe. It is relatively thin but also of decent width. This means that it really just hugs to your foot which in my opinion increases the fit and just makes them so comfortable. It doesn’t even really feel like you’re wearing shoes! They really are a dream. And depending on how often you’re doing class, especially if you’ve worked your posterior off to get where you are, then you deserve the extra comfort right? Or as much comfort as you can have whilst working hard doing ballet anyway :P. These shoes are a little more dear but still very affordable, ranging from between £13.95- £22.42.

Dance Tights You Say?

Now whilst this post is essentially a shoe recommendation, as I’m here it makes sense to talk dance tights. Perhaps at some later stage I will dedicate a separate post to this topic but for now, seeing as the world of adult dance tights can be a little overwhelming and as we’re talking ballet I thought I’d throw this one extra suggestion your way.

First of all, a few things to bear in mind while buying dance tights.

  • Believe it or not a slightly more expensive pair of tights is actually an investment. I too have opted for the cheaper ones on a budget only to get one or two wears out of them and end up back where I started. A good pair of tights however will contain more elasticity and therefore not only be stronger, but also much less likely to ladder. It can make the difference between you having to buy 2-3 pairs a year rather than a month.
  • I would also always advise going a size up. The fact of the matter is, if you’re a medium and you go for a large they’re probably still going to fit, but they will be less likely to ladder which can go in your favour. Obviously this can vary from brand to brand and you’ll learn what you like through trial and error but generally if you go a size up, you probably won’t be disappointed.
  • Also try and keep a spare pair. It saves on that immediate stress of your tights laddering during a performance and not having time for your new ones to arrive before your next show. Bearing all these in mind here’s my recommendation.

Capezio Hold And Stretch Footed Dance Tights

Now perhaps I am slightly biased. I love Capezio, so of course Capezio dance tights for me is an obvious choice, but for good reason; generally I’m never disappointed by them. These tights are middle of the range in price so they’re not going to ladder easily but they also won’t break the bank.

They come in either pink or tan so you can choose according to your need (although in the case of talking ballet as with this post you would be choosing pink.)

A word of warning, these tights run small so my advice would be to go at least one size up from normal. And 2 sizes up probably wouldn’t hurt if you want to make them last.

So there you have it. Hope these recommendations are helpful, and as always if you have any questions, please comment below.


Recommendations At A Glance:

Capezio canvas cobra split sole ballet shoe 

Bloch Women’s Pro Elastic Ballet Shoes

Capezio adult stretch footed dance tights

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  • Tamika G

    Hi there, interesting post. I don’t do ballet-style dancing but I do Scottish Country Dancing during the year so I can definitely relate to needing comfortable shoes that help you as you dance and spend a lot of time on the balls of your feet. I’m definitely on board with the split sole too, my current pair are like that and I’ve found it really helpful!

    • Natalie

      Wow, Scottish Country Dancing, I haven’t come across that so I shall look it up 🙂 sounds really interesting! What kind of shoes do you use for that? Yes, split sole is just heavenly isn’t it?! To be fair, I generally prefer it for whatever style I’m dancing in- from tap, right through to heels. There’s so many options as well which is great 🙂

  • satz

    Nice post, I like the details and nuances you have stated about these shoes. My sister is a dancer so I have seen this stuff. She has a Capezio Women’s Hold & Stretch Footed she needed a larger size because her height is 5’7″. She had worn them for her cosplay, she did mention that this made her legs look perfect plus it kept her a little warm since she was wearing very short skirts in the middle of winter. Looking forward for more such interesting post.

    • Natalie

      Oh amazing, yes they’re great! Glad she had a similar experience. They are super flattering. Thank you for such a lovely comment 🙂

  • Ed

    Thanks for this post and your recommendations is very helpful, I have no idea what is best for my little girl ballet shoes. For this I have now idea, and I definitely share this to my wife. Your expertise using the right pair of shoes for ballet is a shortcut to all reader’s what to do. Thanks a lot.

    • Natalie

      Aw, that’s so nice that your little girl does ballet, I hope she’s enjoying it. At a young age, some of the things talked about in the article aren’t as relevant (I remember at that age I was crazy about satin ballet shoes- literally thought they were the best thing in the universe!) but definitely something to bear in mind for the future. I haven’t done any posts of kids dance footwear yet but I plan to in the future so keep your eyes peeled 🙂 In the meantime, if you’re not sure what shoes to get her I’m sure she’d adore some satin ballet shoes 🙂

  • Cathy

    These are great recommendations for ballet shoes! Everyone who dances in ballet or a similar style would benefit from trying your favorite canvas or Pro Elastic. I will definitely recommend these to my friends who dance. Thank you for posting this!

  • Kate

    Hello dear Natalie,

    I used to ballet when I was younger, so I really know how expensive ballet equipment can be. I remember I used to pay close to 100 dollars just for one pair of shoes. These options you provided are extremely affordable and I would probably go with the second option since you stated that you love them!
    Yes, I would gladly read a post about tights as well! My niece is starting ballet, so I could show it to her mother too!

    Thank you!

    • Natalie

      Hi lovely Kate,

      So glad you liked the post. Yes, it all adds up, doesn’t it? The key is to balance quality and affordability 🙂 I will defo a do a post on tights in the near future so keep your eyes peeled 🙂

  • Thabo Khoza

    Wow I am a dancer myself and found this post interesting. I am a professional ballroom dancer and I agree with the fact that we usually need to prioritize and go for good shoes ( although I go for those all the time).

    I am not into ballet though but like to see how they dance. I also like the pro-elastic shoes as I use these similar style in my ballroom dancing style.

    • Natalie

      Wow, that’s amazing! I always wanted to learn ballroom, sigh. There was never anywhere in my area that taught it, but I got to learn a lot of other styles which I’m very grateful for! You might find some of my other posts of interest too 🙂 how long have you been doing ballroom for?

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