Turn Board Pro- Novelty Or Genius?

The turn board pro looks much like a normal turn board. For those of you new to them, a turn board is a durable curved piece of plastic, which lessens friction with the floor allowing the dancer execute a higher number of turns more easily. The turn board pro takes this one step further, as it has built in sensors to detect your overall form, speed and number of turns you execute. This can be a great assist as it’s the next best thing to physically having your teacher in the room.

About The Turn Board Pro And How It Works

The board connects to your phone through Bluetooth and an app which is free to download. Once the board is switched on and synced up, it then scores you from 1 (rookie) all the way up to 1000 (world class.) Do be aware though, that it only syncs with an iPhone-sorry android users! The board comes in three colours and is endorsed by Mackenzie Ziegler and Kendall Vertes, so if you’re looking to get a present for the dancer in your life, and they’re fan of dance moms, I’d say this item as a gift is a win. The turn boards themselves are glittery- pink for Kenzie’s, Red for Kendall’s and Gold for traditional so based on this it will probably appeal more to a younger audience.

Should I Buy One?

I’m not here to tell you to buy; I like to give the information and let you decide. If you feel like splashing out this is a fun way to fine tune your practise at home. Is this a necessary product to becoming a great dancer? No. But could it be useful? Yes, if you a) find an ordinary turn board is working for your pirouette practise, and b) would find feedback beneficial. As I’ve mentioned, as it’s endorsed by Kenzie and Kendall off Dance Moms, it’s definitely a product that screams novelty, however this doesn’t mean it doesn’t have value.

The Advantages To The Turn Board Pro

I would say it makes a great gift for the dancer or ice skater in your life who has everything, especially if you’re looking to get that something a bit more exciting that is dance related. Also, if the dancer is particularly advanced and easily able to execute many turns, this particular model could be useful as it’s harder for them to keep track. It’s also a great way to keep a personal best, as practise alone cannot tell you how fast you are turning week on week in a quantifiable way.

The turn board pro is a real tangible way to track and measure your improvements over time. And for those of you that find you thrive best with a little healthy competition you can also share your turning scores on social media with friends. This aspect does make it more of a game, which can potentially make it quite addictive! Not a bad thing, just make sure you’re doing actual pirouette practise along side this!

Things To Consider

The turn board pro is sold for around £70 in the UK, although tends to be available for less in America (approximately $60.) My advice would be, only invest in this board if you are easily cutting multiple turns 5+ with a turn board. Make sure first that you feel you are getting good gains with a normal turn board. Much as a musician will invest in a more expensive instrument when their playing has evolved, so it is with the turn board.

Use And Application

  • Once turned on, spin the board just to check that it’s properly synced to the app.
  • As always, make sure you are using the turn board on a flat foot, not on a releve which can be dangerous.
  • It is made for smooth surfaces so avoid using it outside on concrete (don’t practise in the garden.) Opt instead for a nice lino floor. If you’re using it on a varnished wood surface be especially careful as this is more slippery.
  • Always make sure you are hitting the 3 stages of a pirouette: preparation (extending the leg to position,) plié (bend) and position (the turn itself.)
  • It can also be a good idea to stretch and warm up a little before using your turn board. As it’s designed for less friction, there is a higher chance if you misestimate your alignment, that your turn will get a little out of control, so it is a good idea to have your ankles and feet warmed up. This way if you fall out of it awkwardly there is less chance of injury. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be a big production; simple ankle rolls and some basic working through the feet will suffice.

To work through the feet:

  1. Stand in parallel, legs together facing a wall (that way if you need it to balance you can use it.)
  2. Rise up
  3. As you lower through one foot allow the other foot to make contact with the floor with the front of the toes so your foot is pointed. As you do this you lower on the supporting leg. Repeat on other leg, and keep going until your feet feel warmed up.

One Last Note On Turn Boards…

Don’t be disheartened if you’re not turning like a spinning top straight away. You will not be on releve, but a flat foot which changes your centre of gravity for your turn, and you are turning on a curved board so this can take a bit of getting used to. Remember, they are an aid to actual pirouette practise, not a replacement. As long as you heed these two things, your bound to cash in on the joy of multiple turns not just on your turn board pro but in your actually pirouette practise too.

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  • Yuri


    This is an amazing product review and I learned some things that I had no idea about. When I was growing up, my sister was apart of the ballet dance studio up here in Seattle. Seeing that this device can help you strengthen your turn skills and have it quantifiable is amazing.

    I would definitely recommend this to a dancer who’s looking for improvements and adjustments to their current posture.

    I have one question, will anybody be able to use this? Whether they are a pro or a beginner?



    • Natalie

      Hi Sky,

      I normally advise having a base level of technique first so it’s a)safe and b) doesn’t cause bad habits.

      For example, you wouldn’t want to practise with a turning board until you’ve 1. mastered how to set yourself up in a good turning position with correct alignment, 2. Mastered the strength and balance to hold yourself in a releve (on demi point) and 3. mastered at least a single or double pirouette purely as I would say this is more of an aid to help gain more turns when basic technique is mastered. Does that make sense?

      Also because a turning board has less friction with the floor and you tend to go faster anyway so correct placement is important in order to use this safely. That’s not to say people might not find it useful when helping to learn to turn, but this would be what I advise. Hope that helps 🙂

      Any other questions, let me know 🙂

  • Dan

    Hi Natalie,

    I will have to admit that I was not aware that such a product existed before this post, but now that I know, you’ve given me a great idea for future Christmas gifts! It makes so much sense that there is something like this to help dancers. I have a niece that does ballet and I think that this would be the perfect gift! I hope that she doesn’t already have one. After reading this, I feel like I have a pretty good understanding of what a turn board is and this one sounds really awesome. It’s great that it connects to Bluetooth. What a great invention. Thank you so much for the great post!

  • Mohammad

    And I was struggling getting a gift idea for a friend, she is a dancer. I love your review, simple and honest! I love Turn board Pro, anything that can help people getting better is just awesome and useful in life. I will for sure put this on my list and I hope she will love it !.

    Thank you again for this awesome post.

  • Kelby

    Hi, Natalie!

    This is a good review of this turn board. It sounds really useful to people who can already spin very well but want to practice some more. (My only dancing experience comes from taking a dance class in high school, but I can still remember some things we were taught.)

    Thanks for the post!

  • Ja

    Thank you very much for your review on the Turn Board Pro!
    What seemed just a novelty sounds actually genius. Must be a lot more fun than with the usual one and the app gives it a playful character. It seems just perfect for home exercise like a pro.
    Thanks for sharing,

    • Natalie

      Thanks J,

      Glad you liked it. Yes, I agree, it has a lot going for it and it can definitely be a lot of fun. And quite social too, as you can compare results with friends 🙂

  • Enrique

    Hi, Natalie,

    Thanks for writing this up. I’m not a dancer myself, but I know a couple of people who might be interested in trying this product out.

    I’m amazed by all technology has done in all aspects of our lives. Who would have thought there would be things like this to help you improve your dancing skills?

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Cathy

    Hello there! The Turn Board Pro sounds like something any dancer or figure skater could benefit from. It could also be a gift for the active person who isn’t a dancer but likes to have a little digressive fun from time to time. When I first saw the title I thought this was going to be about turntables for board games like Scrabble. lol

  • Kevin

    Thanks for your honest review. Even though I’m not a big dancer, this sounds like a fantastic tool for people willing to improve on themselves. I have a friend who might be willing to give this a try, so I’ll refer her to your site!

  • Strahinja

    My sister is professional ballet dancer and I think this might be the perfect gift for her birthday. She does not have anything similar at home, so I think she fill find Turn Board Pro very useful.
    I can’t wait to surprise her.

    Your website looks very nice by the way.

    • Natalie

      Amazing, so glad I was able to bring it to your attention. As a professional, I think she will have a lot of fun with this! Let me know if you do get her one and how she gets on, thanks for the lovely comment 🙂

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